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Apartment block in Le Raincy

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A touch of history…

The 1st floor at no. 10 Avenue de la Résistance was the site of one of the first notarial offices in Paris, founded by Mr. Labbé in 1772 and taken over by La Marnierre in 1939.

Many leading figures crossed the threshold of the office, including Abbé Pierre, who signed the Statutes of Emmaüs there in 1954. The notarial office has expanded over the years with the involvement of Mr. Pepin who, in 1998, was the last person to take over control. He occupied the property until 2013.

To better provide for its clients’ needs, the office moved permanently to 110 Avenue de la Résistance in that year.
No. 10 was the noble area of the notarial office, and the leitmotif of the work undertaken there in 2015 was to carefully renovate a building which had remained unchanged for many years.

We endeavoured to renovate it so as to integrate it as neatly as possible into its surroundings by extending it, thus aligning its roof ridge with that of the neighbouring buildings.

Occupying an area of 761m², the building is now home to 18 apartments ranging from 20m² to 100m² which are to be sold or rented. The latest advances in construction were employed in the renovation – it has an external glass lift, terraces, restored facades, new roofing, EDF columns and renovated pipework. No. 10 is now fully renovated and ready to welcome new families looking for comfort and tranquillity.

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